Beta Test Version
Tom Duff

Rokkaku is a piece for a choir divided into three levels, a Superconductor, two Semiconductors, and a group of Nonconductors (the singers.)

The Map
The performers are guided by The Map, which is divided into five colored Continents containing thirteen labeled Regions, each suggesting a category of vocal sound. The Map Guide describes how to sound each Region.

To perform Rokkaku, you will need

Superconductor Instructions
Your role is to guide the Semiconductors from one Continent of the map to another by holding up or waving colored flags. Start with the green flag of the central Continent. When you feel you've spent enough time in any Continent, travel to another adjacent Continent. The piece ends with the Coda in the blue Continent. Once you enter the blue Continent, you should not leave.

Semiconductor Instructions
Within the Superconductor's Continent, travel from Region to adjacent Region on the map, always displaying the appropriate flag. When the Superconductor moves to a different Continent, you may have to go through several Regions to get there.

Nonconductor Instructions
For each breath you take, choose a Semiconductor and make sounds as indicated for the Semiconductor's Region in the Map Guide for the duration of the breath. It's OK to stay with the same Semiconductor for several breaths.

The descriptions in the Map Guide are often not very specific. You have complete freedom to fill in the details. If it says nothing about pitch or timbre or tempo or rhythm or loudness or anything else, you can make your own choices. There are surprisingly many ways to interpret each Region; explore them. Listen to the sounds around you and respond to them.

You are always free to be silent.