A simple ASCII melody notation

Here's an example of proportional solfege:
	3/4 ||: D... s... ..D. | t..D R... ..D. | t..D R.s. l.t. | D..M D... ..xx :||
The example starts with a time signature (3/4), and is bracketed by a repeat sign ||: ... :||. Bars are separated by bar lines (|). Beats are separated by spaces. Each beat is divided into a number of sub-beats, each of which is represented by a single character. In the example, all beats are divided into four sixteenths, but other subdivisions, even varying from beat to beat, are possible.

Notes are represented by letters: the pitches of the major scale are DRMFSLT (for Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti). Lower case letters drmfslt denote the octave below D. A dot (.) indicates that the note being sounded is held through the sub-beat. A cross (x) indicates a rest.