Music on a Long Thin Wire

For sfSoundRadio, I put together a realization of Alvin Lucier's composition/installation Music on a Long Thin Wire, to be broadcast over the internet April 8-12, 2011.

Here are some pictures of the setup (click on thumbnails for bigger images):
On the right, an HP signal generator underneath a Crate amplifier. These two are providing the driving signal to the wire. On the left, my MacBook Pro, which is uploading sound to the sfSoundRadio server in real time.
Another, indistinguishable view of the electronics.
The west end of the wire. The wooden frame that it passes through holds a pair of extremely powerful neodymium-iron-boron magnets straddling the string.
A similar view from the side. You can see the contact microphone cables going up to the window of the back room where the electronics are parked, and the speaker cable that delivers the output of the power amp to the wire.
A view of the wooden frame, from above. It's sitting on top of a set of utility shelves where we keep gardening equipment.
A better view of the frame. A red alligator clip attaches the speaker cable to the wire. There's a tuning hammer on the peg that holds the end of the wire.
A similar view, without the tuning hammer.
Our guest cottage, with the piano wire and speaker cable in front of it. A loop at the far end of the piano wire goes through a screw eye attached to the outside of my workshop. The speaker cable is cable-tied to a piece of clothesline that runs from house to cottage to workshop. The clothesline also supports the ethernet cable that joins the three buildings.