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African Drum Theory td Mon Jan 1 11:23:06 2007
Here's an article on African Drum Theory (from Music Theory Online) that concentrates on how performances arise from the interaction of a master drummer and a multi-cyclic ostinato.

Also, here's an analytic discussion of Anlo-Ewe Rhythmic Principles by C. K. Ladzekpo.
Looper's Delight td Mon Jan 1 11:23:13 2007
A lot of people are uncommonly devoted to repetitive music. Looper's Delight is a web site devoted to their obsession. Their short history of looping music is worth a gander.
lower case: bremsstrahlung td Mon Jan 1 11:23:17 2007
bremsstrahlung | 2.1 C7 is a record label specializing in lower case sound -- music made from very small sounds. The site design is a lot of fun.