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Aphex Twin Samples td Mon Jan 1 11:23:08 2007
Aphex Twin Loops is a source of techno samples. The samples themselves are here. (8-bit .au files, unfortunately.)
CDeMusic td Mon Jan 1 11:23:18 2007
If you're seriously interested in adventurous music, you probably already know about CDeMusic, who publishes new music CDs and books. They have a download page full of interesting mp3 excerpts.
Crackling Noise td Mon Jan 1 11:23:09 2007
Many different processes, from devastating earthquakes to crumpling pieces of paper to magnetizing magnets to glitchy, noisy music, make crackling noises. Here is a pretty good web site devoted to explaining the phenomenon scientificly and simulating it on a computer.
Humpback Whales singing, live! td Thu Mar 3 10:24:17 2011
From January to March, Humpback Whale season in Hawaii, you can hear them singing, live, thanks to the Jupiter Research Foundation's hydrophone. (Found here thanks to Scot Gresham-Lancaster.)
lower case: bremsstrahlung td Mon Jan 1 11:23:17 2007
bremsstrahlung | 2.1 C7 is a record label specializing in lower case sound -- music made from very small sounds. The site design is a lot of fun.