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African Drum Theory td Sun Dec 3 17:17:46 2017
Here's an article on African Drum Theory (from Music Theory Online) that concentrates on how performances arise from the interaction of a master drummer and a multi-cyclic ostinato.

Also, here's an analytic discussion of Anlo-Ewe Rhythmic Principles by C. K. Ladzekpo.
Pictures of Stories td Sun Dec 3 17:17:46 2017
Anti-Math Story plot notation presents itself as a way of pictorially representing stories. But really it's a taxonomy of plot outlines. It's a little bit wacky and half-finished, but might be good for brainstorming opera libretti and such.
Big Pile of DSP Links td Sun Dec 3 17:17:46 2017
Here's a bunch of resources on Digital Signal Processing that have been sitting in my mail for six months:

You'll need a bigger HD now!
Chaotic Generation of Variations td Sun Dec 3 17:17:46 2017
Here's a paper (PDF) about using a chaotic algorithm to automatically generate musical variations.
Chaotic Oscillators td Sun Dec 3 17:17:46 2017
Richard Dobson and John Fitch have written a paper about their experiments with chaotic oscillators.
Crackling Noise td Sun Dec 3 17:17:46 2017
Many different processes, from devastating earthquakes to crumpling pieces of paper to magnetizing magnets to glitchy, noisy music, make crackling noises. Here is a pretty good web site devoted to explaining the phenomenon scientificly and simulating it on a computer.
Revolution 9 td Sun Dec 3 17:17:46 2017
Revolution 9 remains one of my favorite pieces of music. Here's an analysis from Chile, Alan W. Pollack's Notes, a description of an Alternate Take, more notes at beathoven, and at Steve's Beatles Page. Here's another analysis
Temperament Bibliography td Sun Dec 3 17:17:46 2017
Here's an extensive bibliography of books and papers dealing with temperament and tuning, with hundreds of entries ranging from Ptolemy to Brian McLaren. It also includes (at the bottom) many links to online tuning resources.
Temporal Processing of Pitch in the Auditory System td Sun Dec 3 17:17:46 2017
Jonathan Segal sends a link to a paper by AG Langner of TU Darmstadt, about how we perceive pitch and time, with implications for music perception.