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Chapel of the Chimes td Mon Jan 1 11:23:26 2007
Pianist Sarah Cahill is the organizer of the summer solstice new music event at the Oakland Chapel of the Chimes columbarium. As far as I can tell there's no web site for the event, but I received an email notice from one of the performers:

Subj: Chapel of the Chimes new music event June 21
Date: 5/20/03 9:29:01 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: healrmn@planeteria.net (Jason Victor Serinus)

Once again, the Julia Morgan-designed Chapel of the Chimes, Oakland California's acoustic and architectural marvel of a columbarium, comes to life with in annual solstice new music extravaganza. Held on Saturday, June 21 from 5-8 pm, the event will include several floors of unusual performers, with perhaps the tamest of the lot being yours truly, Jason Victor Serinus, who will whistle everything from Bach to Berlin, Puccini to Lloyd Weber. Lots of major performers will be here, in intimate settings often breathtaking thanks to their gothic, light-filled, architecture, fountains, plants, and space age acoustic. Some performances are continuous, with installations especially created for the space. There has been nothing like this on the West Coast since John Cage's music circuses of years past. Admission is reasonable. Please mark down the date and come. No advance tix; just show up. This year there will be a map to help you find performers of your choice.