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Jazz td Mon Jan 1 11:23:22 2007
"There are rumblings, wails and howls like the smarting of a metal pig, the shriek of a donkey, or the amorous croaking of a monstrous frog. The insulting chaos of insanity pulses to a throbbing rhythm. Listening, for a few minutes to these wails, one involuntarily imagines an orchestra of sexually driven madmen conducted by a man-stallion brandishing a huge genital member, The monstrous bass belches out English words; a wild horn wails piercingly calling to mind the cries of a wounded camel; a drum pounds monotonously; a nasty little pipe tears at one's ears; a saxophone emits its quacking nasal sound. Fleshy hips sway, and thousands of heavy feet tread and shuffle. The music of the degenerate ends finally with a deafening thud, as though a case of pottery had been flung down to earth from the skies."

--Description of Jazz from the article "The Music of The Gross" by Maxim Gorky, in Pravda (1928)