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Mixerman makes a record td Mon Jan 1 11:23:20 2007
Jonathan Segel pointed out this link, to the diary of an anonymous recording engineer, who for the last 8 weeks (and counting) has been working on the debut album of a band that the record company gave a $2M advance to. It's a hilarious story of enormous and desperate egos in a disfunctional business -- the record company needs a gigantic hit, the band hates each other, nobody can work together, the producer's nephew and the bass player's girlfriend are surrepetitiously overdubbing the best parts on the record.

Update: starting last week, they've been auditioning new drummers. So the anonymous engineer is on hiatus. In the interim, Lance, the producer's nephew (and assistant engineer and bass player pro tem) has taken over diary duty. His writing's not as interesting, but it feels like he's building up to something...