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Rock Lotto td Fri Dec 14 15:06:05 2007
Moe Staiano's Rock Lotto is back for the fourth or fifth time. Moe put the names of 29 volunteers (incl. me) in a hat and picked names to make up 5 bands. We had a month to put together a 20 minute set of (mostly) original music. And we're all performing on Sat. Dec. 15 at the Fishtank (3405 Piedmont Ave, Oakland) starting 8:00 PM. Details here. It's a benefit for 21 Grand, which really needs the money right now as they run the Oakland zoning and permitting gauntlet.

Our band, officially BAND 2, but really the Flesh Eating Beatles includes

  • Bob Marsh, vocals
  • Ron Lettuce, keyboards and sax
  • Micaela Peterson, drums
  • Matt Davignon, drum machine
  • Errol Stewart, guitar
  • Tom Duff, electric bass
Our tunes are half psychedelic, half punk.

Here's the lineups for the other bands:

  • BAND 1:
  • Steve Dekrone, Drums
  • Dave Bartels, Guitar
  • Tim Walters, Bass
  • Mark Stickman, Voice, flute
  • Salane Schultz, Keyboards, Accordion
  • Chris Broderick, Reeds

  • BAND 3:
  • Thomas Scandura, Drums
  • Bill Wolter, Guitar
  • Jeremy Kearney - Bass
  • JoJo Razor, Voice
  • Moe! Staiano - Mini Paia keyboard, Roto-toms
  • Alicia Byer - Clarinet

  • BAND 4:
  • Aaron Wagner, Drums
  • Groovy Judy, Guitar
  • Craig Demel, Guitar
  • Wilson King, Bass
  • Allen Whittman, Voice
  • James Goode, Electric trumpet, etc.

  • BAND 5:
  • Steve Weems - Drums
  • Mark Briggs, Guitar
  • Sebastian Krawczuk, Bass
  • Dominique Leone, Voice
  • Parisa Muller, Flute