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Scot Gresham-Lancaster releases a solo CD td Mon Jan 1 11:23:27 2007
I got mail today from Scot Gresham-Lancaster about his first solo CD:

Subject: "Orchestrate Clang Mass - anagram" - the first CD release on OCM publishing

Hello everyone,

I am trying a new experiment in self-publishing that I am hoping you will participate in.

If you go to:


You will find a pointer to a CD compilation of some of the live interactive music I have done over the last decade or so.

Cafepress.com offers an individual the chance to put an audio CD and accompanying "shwag" up online and so I am taking advantage of this service.

I have been involved in many different CD projects;


However, the opportunity to release a solo CD of my work has never worked out. I have always been too financially on the margins to make the $2k investment that a full CD production required, until now.

This CD is dedicated to the memory of my good friends:

Joe Catalano

Jim Horton and

Tom Dougherty

I hope that some of you will enjoy it.