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Dewanatron td Tue Apr 5 10:07:20 2011
Brian Dewan's Dewanatrons are gorgeous-looking and sounding electronic music instruments. David Slusser pointed out especially the Swarmatron, a ribbon controlled unison-cluster synthesizer.
Chemical PCB etching without the toxic waste td Thu Mar 3 14:47:53 2011
I don't like the idea of making printed circuit boards at home because the chemicals involved are moderately toxic and hard to dispose of legally. But I may have to change my mind. Stephen Hobley has found a simple combination of non-toxic chemicals, available in a grocery store, that appear to do the job. Described here and here.

Found here on Hack a Day.
Humpback Whales singing, live! td Thu Mar 3 10:24:17 2011
From January to March, Humpback Whale season in Hawaii, you can hear them singing, live, thanks to the Jupiter Research Foundation's hydrophone. (Found here thanks to Scot Gresham-Lancaster.)
Newsreel footage: A New Note in Music (Harry Partch at Mills College) td Thu Mar 3 08:54:24 2011
Here's a bit of newsreel footage of Harry Partch at Mills College in 1951. Hosted at archive.org, pointed out by Wobbly and Tom Djll.
Electric Independence: Morton Subotnick td Sat Feb 26 17:20:13 2011
motherboard.tv, in the second episode of its Electric Independence series, interviews Morton Subotnick about the origins of the Buchla box.
An Instrument a Day for a Month td Sat Feb 26 17:09:04 2011
Rajnit Bhatnagar over at Moonmilk is almost done making a different musical instrument every day for the month of February. Many fun ideas here, and a lot of laser cutting.
Teenage Engineering OP-1 td Wed Feb 23 13:03:08 2011
Teenage Engineering announces the OP-1, an extremely compact, high-feature digital musical instrument.

Teenage Engineering - OP-1 @ NAMM 2010 from Neil Bufkin on Vimeo.

Older Items td Sat Dec 23 19:14:46 2006
Old News has items that have fallen off the New list.