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A new year's solo piece (from Gino) td Sun Dec 3 17:17:46 2017
A solo piece for you to realize;

Sun Drums
Keep the drums in a very cool environment until mid day. Place them in
direct, hot sunlight with contact mics on. As they warm up and change,
record the sounds.
[an ersatz banjo will do]
[Send me the results...]
Talk to you soon,
Acme Observatory td Sun Dec 3 17:17:46 2017
ACME Observatory is a concert series devoted to experimental music. Most concerts happen at TUVA, a community performance space near the Ashby BART station in Berkeley, CA.
Analog Multiply/Divide Chip td Sun Dec 3 17:17:46 2017
Designing new analog synthesis equipment? You might want to know about the Analog Products AD538, a precision multiplication, division and exponentiation part.
Adrian Freed td Sun Dec 3 17:17:46 2017
Adrian Freed is the Research Director at CNMAT. His web page has a whole pile of links to research papers, mostly about the architecture of computer music systems.
Advice from Lou Harrison (as told to Virgil Thompson.) td Sun Dec 3 17:17:46 2017
Simply compose one short piece a day. It must be a complete composition each day. It is like 'kindling' - one day along will come a more important idea that will require extensive work - the flame is thus lit & away you go! It is important, he says to keep regular appointments with the muse - if she doesn't arrive then it's not your fault, at least You are there!
African Drum Theory td Sun Dec 3 17:17:46 2017
Here's an article on African Drum Theory (from Music Theory Online) that concentrates on how performances arise from the interaction of a master drummer and a multi-cyclic ostinato.

Also, here's an analytic discussion of Anlo-Ewe Rhythmic Principles by C. K. Ladzekpo.
algo-comp td Sun Dec 3 17:17:46 2017
The algo-comp mailing list is devoted to algorithmic composition. Not a lot of volume, but with a bunch of good people subscribing the general quality of discourse is fairly high.
Older Items td Sat Dec 23 19:14:46 2006
Old News has items that have fallen off the New list.