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Tom's Place

a d v e n t u r o u s    m u s i c    c o m e s    h o m e
Simon says, “Improvise!”
e i g e n v e c t o r s @ g m a i l . c o m
3111 Deakin Street, Berkeley CA
Unless otherwise noted, all events begin at 8:00 PM, doors open at 7:30.

Past Events

[ fri may 3, 2024 ]
Damon Smith (cb), Karen Stackpole (gongs), Thea Farhadian (vln)

[ wed apr 24, 2024 ]
Phillip Greenlief and Fred Frith

[ tue apr 2, 2024 ]
Ron Heglin (trombone), Ric Louchard (piano), Cheryl Leonard (hand-made environmental instrs.)
Euphotic (Bryan Day, Tom Djll, Cheryl Leonard)

[ tue mar 19, 2024 ]
Kris Bobrowski (gliss glass) and Karen Stackpole (gongs)
Thomas Dumuzio (electronics)

[ sat dec 16, 2023 ]
Palle Dahlstedt (elec), Tom Djll (elec), Gino Robair (elec)

[ wed nov 29, 2023 ]
Phillip Greenlief (sax) and Fred Frith (guitar)

[ mon nov 20, 2023 ]
Paul Sakai Starts One
(Paul Sakai (perc), Josh Allen (sax) and Tim Duff (cb))
Tom Djll (elec) and Ron Heglin (vox)

[ sun nov 12, 2023 ]
Trevor Watts (sax) and Jamie Harris (perc)
Tim Duff (cb) and Joshua Allen (sax)

[ thu nov 2, 2023 ]
Oceans Roar 1000 Drums
(trio of
Todd Capp - drums
Bryan Eubanks - saxophone, electronics
Xavier Lopez - modular synthesizer)
Yan Jun (Beijing) and James Fei (Oakland)

[ tue oct 17, 2023 ]
The Scriveners: Myles Boisen (guitar), Tim Rowe (drums), Safa Shokrai (bass)
Nathan Clevenger (guitar, piano?) trio with Cory Wright (sax) & Jordan Glenn (drums)

[ mon oct 2, 2023 ]
James Ilgenfritz (cb) with Ben Goldberg (cl)
Sult (gtr, cb, perc)

[ mon sep 25, 2023 ]
Rent Romus and Heikki Koskinen present Itkuga Suite
Kat Eliot (vocal, etc.), Heikki Koskinen (e-trumpet, tenor recorder)
Joshua Marshall (saxes, flute), Bill Noertker (contrabass),
Eli Knowles (drums), Rent Romus (saxes, melodica, flutes)
Faults Quartet
Jaroba (reeds), Kevin Corcoran (percussion),
Jorge Bachmann (electronics), and Gabby Wen (guqin).

[ sat mar 11, 2023 ]
Two duos:
Branden Abushanab (cb) and Tom Djll (tpt, elec)
Wilson Shook (sax) and Ryan Kotler (cb)

[ fri nov 18, 2022 ]
Robin Holcomb with Wayne Horvitz

[ fri nov 11, 2022 ]
Zoh Amba
duo with Wobbly.
Tom Djll (tpt/elec), Jacob Felix Heule (perc) and Chris Cooper (gtr/elec)

[ fri, nov 4, 2022 ]
Joe Morris, Jean Carla Rodea, Gerald Cleaver trio
CANCELLED. One of the musicians contracted COVID

[ tue, sep 20, 2022 ]
Tatsuya Nakatani (perc)
with Thea Farhadian (violin, electronics) and Tim Perkis (electronics)

[ fri, may 20, 2022 ]
Wayne Horvitz (pno) and Sara Schoenbeck (bn)

[ fri, mar 4, 2022 ]
Mezzacappa/Nordeson/Looney trio
Lisa Mezzacappa (cb)
Kjell Nordeson (perc)
Scott R. Looney (pno, elec)
Heglin/Perkis/Louchard trio
Ron Heglin (brass)
Tim Perkis (elec)
Ric Louchard (piano)

[ sat, feb 26, 2022 ]
Ben Goldberg (cl), Nate Brenner (cb) and Scott Amendola (perc)

[ sat, feb 19, 2022 ]
A new duo: Ben Davis (cello) and Chris Brown (piano)
with special guest Kanoko Nishi (koto)

[ sat, dec 18, 2021 ]
An evening of solos
Jon Raskin (sax), doing solos from Steve Lacy's The Practitioners Book, volumes W and P
Tim Duff (cb)
Pictures of Tim Duff performing, and kibitzing with the proprieter
by Jon Raskin

[ sat, dec 11, 2021 ]
Tom Djll (elec, vox), Tim Perkis (elec), Gino Robair(elec, piano),
Featuring readings, both live and recorded, from Tom Djll's
Shaddup, a book of new anecdotes putatively by John Cage.
Ben Davis, solo cello

[ sun, oct 31, 2021 ]
Tatsuya Nakatani (perc) and Fred Frith (guitar)

[ thu, oct 28, 2021 ]
Evelyn Davis (pno) and Phillip Greenlief (sax).

[ sun, oct 24, 2021 ]
ROVA Saxophone Quartet

[ fri, may 7, 2021 ]
Wayne Horvitz (pno) and Sara Schoenbeck (bn)

[ mon, jun 15, 2020 ]
SPELUNKER (feedback sax, Ferrara, IT)
solo, and company style with
Phillip Greenlief (sax)
John Shiurba (guitar)
Gino Robair (percussion/electronics)
Tim Perkis (electronics)

[ fri, may 22, 2020 ]
Tatsuya Nakatani (percussion)
and friends, company style

[ sun, apr 5, 2020 ]
Tom Djll (trumpet/electronics)
Jon Raskin (sax, etc.)
Thomas Dimuzio (synth)
Tim Perkis (electronics)
John Bischoff (electronics)
with visiting analog friends from Germany
company style

[ fri, mar 27, 2020 ]
Soo Yeon Lyuh (haegum)
Carl Stone (elec)

[ tue, mar 10, 2020 ]
Quartet: Haley Freedlund (tbn, Seattle) Kyle Bruckmann (ob)
Evelyn Davis (pno) Phillip Greenlief (sax)

[ sat, mar 7, 2020 ]
Greg Goodman (piano)
Henry Kaiser (guitar)

[ sat, feb 15, 2020 ]
Tender Buttons
(Tania Caroline Chen, Gino Robair, Tom Djll)
Tim Perkis + Madalyn Merkey

[ wed, dec 11, 2019 ]
Ric Louchard (pno), Ron Heglin (tbn, vox), Tim Perkis (elec) trio
duo B (Lisa Mezzacappa (cb) and Jason Levis (perc))

[ fri, nov 15, 2019 ]
Beam Splitter
Birgit Ulher (tpt) and Gino Robair (perc, elec)

[ mon, nov 11, 2019 ]
Gabby Fluke-Mogul (vln)
Nava Dunkelman (perc)
Fred Frith (gtr)

[ tue, nov 5, 2019 ]
Gabby Fluke-Mogul (vln)
Lisa Mezzacappa (cb)
Bruce Ackley (sax)
Michael Dessen (trombone, electronics)

[ tue oct 8, 2019 ]
Scott R. Looney Trio:
Scott R. Looney (piano)
Lisa Mezzacappa (cb)
Kjell Nordeson (perc)

[ tue sep 24, 2019 ]
Karl Evangelista (gtr) and Ben Goldberg (cl)
Lewis Jordan (sax,voice) and Sandi Poindexter (v)

[ wed sep 11, 2019 ]
Two duos:
Mike Baggetta (gtr) and Henry Kaiser (gtr)
Joel Nelson (gtr) and Jordan Glenn (perc)

[ fri jun 28, 2019 ]
Elliot Sharp (gtr)
David Rothenberg (cl)
Pictures by Michael Zelner.

[ mon jun 24, 2019 ]
Shelley Hirsch (voice) with
Gino Robair (perc, elec),
Thea Farhadian (v), and
Thomas Dimuzio (elec)

[ wed jun 19, 2019 ]
Michael Fischer (sax, elec)
solo and company style, with Grosse Abfahrt
Tom Djll (tpt, elec), Tim Perkis (elec), Gino Robair (elec, perc)
Matt Ingalls (cl, bcl), John Shiurba (gtr)
including a brief poetry reading by Thomas Antonic

[ tue jun 4, 2019 ]
Anthony Coleman (piano)
Josh Allen (sax)/Tim Duff (cb) duo

[ fri may 31, 2019 ]
Portato Portato:
Michelle Lee (flutes), John Ivers (clarinets)
Jon Myers (percussion), Jacob Lane (piano)
Program: (tentative)
Morton Feldman: Why Patterns
David Dunn: Whittling 1
Declan Siefkas: Grove of the Ancients
Laura Steenberge: Byzantine Rites 4

[ fri may 10, 2019 ]
Tony Malaby (sax from nyc) trio with
Ben Monder (guitar) and
Billy Mintz (drums)
Seiyoung Jang (electronics), Josh Allen (tenor sax), Tim Duff (cb)
Pictures by Michael Zelner.

[ wed may 8, 2019 ]
Ron Heglin-Lorin Benedict duo
Usufruct (Polly Springhorn, Tim Walters duo)

[ mon mar 11, 2019 ]
First Set:
James Ilgenfritz (cb) from New York
Chris Brown (piano)
William Winant (percussion)

Second set IlgenFritz/Brown/Winant plus
Theresa Wong (cello, voice)
Gabby Fluke Mogul (violin)
Anastasia Clarke (electronics?)
in various combinations, Company style

[ mon feb 25, 2019 ]
Matt Ingalls, solo (clarinet)
Ewen-Greenlief duo:
Sandy Ewen (guitar)
Phillip Greenlief (sax)
Pictures by Michael Zelner

[ tue feb 19, 2019 ]
Ken Field (sopranino sax, flute),
Eric Glick Rieman (prepared Rhodes) and
Karen Stackpole (gongs)

[ fri feb 15, 2019 ]
Scott Amendola (perc) solo
Alvaro Domene (guitar),
Henry Kaiser (guitar) and
Scott Amendola (perc)
Pictures by Michael Zelner

[ wed jan 23, 2019 ]
John Schott, solo guitar
The trio of
Tania Chen (piano),
Jon Raskin (sax),
Tom Djll (electronics),
Barb Golden

[ sun dec 9, 2018 ]
(Audrey Chen, vox, and
Henrik Nørstebø, trombone)
and Gino Robair (solo piano, etc.)

[ wed nov 28, 2018 ]
Gabby Fluke-Mogul, solo (violin)
Los Conocen:
Nava Dunkelman (perc),
Karl Evangelista (gtr),
Jordan Glenn (perc),
Bruce Ackley (sax)

[ sat oct 6, 2018 ]
Madalyn Merkey
David Toop with Wobbly, Tom Djll and Gino Robair

[ tue aug 28, 2018 ]
Kyle Bruckmann (oboe), Sara Schoenbeck (bassoon), Jordan Glenn (perc)
Sult (Jacob Felix Heule and visiting friends)

[ wed jun 6, 2018 ]
Larry Ochs (sax)/Donald Robinson (perc) duo
John Shiurba 3-3
(John Shiurba (gtr), Scott Walton (cb), Gino Robair (perc, elec))
Pictures by Michael Zelner

[ tue may 29, 2018 ]
(Trevor Dunn, el. bass and Sannety, electronics)
Phillip Greenlief (solo sax)

[ wed apr 11, 2018 ]
Anne Pajunen (voice, viola, etc.)
T. D. Skatchit:
Tom Nunn (skatch)
David Michalak (skatch)
Gino Robair (energized surfaces, voltage made audible)
Tom Djll (tpt, etc.)

[ tue apr 3, 2018 ]
Jaap Blonk
and with
Tim Duff (cb)
Bryan Day (homebuilt instruments>

[ tue mar 20, 2018 ]
The Third Ear:
Doug Lynner,
Peter Grenader,
Shiro Fujioka
(electronic trio)

[ fri mar 9, 2018 ]
David Stackenäs (gtr) visiting from Sweden,
Lisa Mezzacappa (cb)
Kjell Nordeson (perc)
Tim Perkis (elec)

[ thu mar 8, 2018 ]
Tania Chen (piano)
For Bunita Marcus
Morton Feldman

[ wed feb 28, 2018 ]
Tania Chen (piano)
Triadic Memories
Morton Feldman

[ sat feb 24, 2018 ]
Jack Wright (sax)
Evan Lipson (bass)
and a slate of Bay Area notables to be named later

[ thu jan 11, 2018 ]
John McCowen (clarinet)
Kyle Bruckmann (oboe, cor anglais)
Kanoko Nishi-Smith (koto)
Jacob Felix Heule (percussion)
and possibly Tom Djll (trumpet?)

[ thu dec 14, 2017 ]
Spirit (percussion>
Bruce Ackley (sax)
William Winant (percussion)

[ sat dec 2, 2017 ]
Fred Frith (guitar) and Phillip Greenlief (sax)

[ fri oct 13, 2017 ]
Theresa Wong, cello
Christian Kobi (Swiss saxophonist based in Bern)
Frantz Loriot (Japanese-French violist)

[ thu oct 12, 2017 ]
Tatsuya Nakatani, solo percussion

[ wed sep 13, 2017 ]
Carl Ludwig Hübsch (tuba)
Gino Robair (percutronics)
Chris Brown (kbd)
Tim Perkis (electronics)

[ mon jul 24, 2017 ]
Ignaz Schick (turntable)
Phillip Greenlief (sax)
Tim Perkis (electronics)
Jon Raskin (electronics)

[ tue jun 13, 2017 ]
Two compositions in just intonation by Chris Brown.
First Light
Theresa Wong, cello, voice
Kyle Bruckmann, oboe
Chris Brown, keyboard
(a setting of "Light Poems" by Jackson Mac Low
in Harry Partch's 43-tone scale)
Six Primes (2016)
Chris Brown, just intonation piano

[ wed may 31, 2017 ]
Bruce Ackley, sax
Andrea Centazzo, percussion
Tania Chen, piano
Danielle DeGruttola, cello
Henry Kaiser, bass,
Michael Manring bass

Steve Lacy's The Wire
Pictures by Michael Zelner

[ thu apr 27, 2017 ]
Susan Alcorn (pedal steel) and Phillip Greenlief (sax)
Pictures by Michael Zelner

[ wed mar 22, 2017 ]
An evening of ad hoc improv, featuring
Andrea Centazzo (perc)
Kyle Bruckmann (oboe)
Wobbly (elec)
Lisa Mezzacappa (bass)
Ron Heglin (low brass, voice)
Presented in collaboration with the Italian Culture Institute of San Francisco
Pictures by Michael Zelner

[ wed mar 8, 2017 ]
Elliot Simpson, guitar

performing pieces by
James Tenney,
Alvin Lucier,
Walter Zimmerman.

Scott Looney, solo piano

[ wed feb 8, 2017 ]
Tania Chen (piano) and Wobbly (electronics)
For Bunita Marcus (1985) by Morton Feldman
Electronic Music for Piano (1968) by John Cage

[ thu jan 12, 2017 ]
Fay Victor (voice, text)
Lisa Mezzacappa (string bass)
Vijay Anderson (drums)
India Cooke (violin)

[ tue dec 13, 2016 ]
Spirit (percussion) and Josh Allen (tenor sax)
Joshua Marshall (sax) and Aaron Oppenheim (electronics)

[ wed nov 2, 2016 ]
Per-Anders Nilsson, electronics
Gino Robair, weapons of mass displacement
Tom Djll, trumpet and synthesizer
Alexei Pliousnine, guitar
with Henry Kaiser, guitar
Pictures by Michael Zelner

[ tue nov 1, 2016 ]
Aram Shelton (sax)
Chris Brown (piano)
Jordan Glenn (percussion)
matt ingalls, clarinet
Øyvind Brandtsegg, percussion, electronics
Ken Ueno, percussion, voice, electronics

[ tue sep 20, 2016 ]
Magda Mayas, piano
Tony Buck, percussion
Gino Robair, unpopular electronics

[ tue aug 16, 2016 ]
Ted Reichmann (accordion)
Tender Buttons
(Tanya Chen, piano,
Gino Robair, electronics,
Tom Djll, electronics)

[ sun may 22, 2016 ]
Dana Jessen (bassoon)
Tim Perkis (electronics), Theresa Wong (cello),
Kyle Bruckmann (oboe), Jordan Glenn (percussion)

[ tue apr 12, 2016 ]
Wind Trio: Larry Ochs (sax), Dave Rempis (sax), Darren Johnston (tpt)
John Shiurba, Myles Boisen on twin Turkeytone guitars
Pictures by Michael Zelner

[ tue mar 22, 2016 ]
Andrea Centazzo (perc), Ellen Burr (flute), Jeff Schwartz (bass)

[ wed feb 24, 2016 ]
Jon Raskin (sax), Carla Harryman (poetry) and Gino Robair (percussion)

[ tue jan 19, 2016 ]
Lisa Mezzacappa (contrabass) and Nicole Mitchell (flute, etc.)
Nava Dunkelman (percussion) and Jakob Pek (guitar)

[ wed dec 2, 2015 ]
Quartet: Tom Djll (tpt), ma++ ingalls (cl), Scott Walton (cb), Tim Perkis (elec)

[ tue nov 3, 2015 ]
Tatsuya Nakatani (perc) with Michel Doneda (sax) and Phillip Greenlief (sax)
Pictures by Michael Zelner

[ wed oct 21, 2015 ]
Fred Frith (gtr) and Phillip Greenlief (sax)
Pictures by Michael Zelner

[ sat oct 17, 2015 ]
Luo Chao Yun (pipa)
with Kyle Bruckmann (ob),
Tim Perkis (elec),
and Gino Robair (perc)
Thanks to Taiwan Ministry of Culture and Taiwan Ministry Of Foreign Affairs

[ wed sep 23, 2015 ]
Tender Buttons
(Tom Djll (elec), Tania Chen (pno), Gino Robair (elec))
First Set  Second Set

[ sat jul 11, 2015 ]
(Doug Lynner and rDuck, analog electronics)

[ tue jun 30, 2015 ]
George Cremaschi (cb), Greg Goodman (pno) and Gino Robair (perc)

[ fri jun 5, 2015 ]
(Krys Bobrowski, Erin Espeland, Brenda Hutchinson, Karen Stackpole)

[ tue mar 31, 2015 ]
Philip Everett (elec, etc) and Josh Allen (t sax)
Andrea Centazzo (perc)

[ thu mar 19, 2015 ]
Two Trios

Per-Anders Nillson (electronics)
with Phillip Greenlief (sax)
and Gino Robair (percussion)

Carl Ludwig Hübsch (tuba)
with Kyle Bruckmann (oboe)
and Gino Robair (percussion)

[ sat feb 28, 2015 ]
Soo-Yeon Lyuh (haegum — korean fiddle)
Tania Chen (piano)
Danielle DeGruttola (cello)
Henry Kaiser (guitar)
William Winant (percussion)
Pictures by Michael Zelner

[ wed feb 18, 2015 ]
Bruce Ackley (sax), Nava Dunkelman (perc)
Matthew Goodheart (pno)

[ tue feb 17, 2015 ]
Tim Daisy (perc), solo
and with Kyle Bruckmann (ob) and Aram Shelton(sax)

[ thu jan 29, 2015 ]
Myra Melford (pno) and Ben Goldberg (cl)

[ tue dec 16, 2014 ]
Dominic Lash (cb), visiting from Great Britain
with Gino Robair (perc), John Shiurba (gtr) and Tania Chen (pno)
and special guest Frank Gratkowski (reeds)

[ sun dec 7, 2014 ]
Sunday Improv Salon
(A company-style event, organized by Gino Robair)
Gretchen Jude: koto
Julia Mazawa: turntable/electronics
Tania Chen: piano/electronics
Wobbly: electronics
Bryan Day: homemade instruments
John Shiurba: guitar
Gino Robair: suitcase; coordinateur
Anne Pajunen (voice, vla, etc.)

[ wed nov 12, 2014 ]
Tania Chen (pno)
Andrew Raffo Dewar (reeds) with Tom Nunn (perc), Tim Perkis (elec) and Tom Djll (tpt)

[ tue oct 7 2014 ]
Oa (Matt Davignon and Hugh Behm-Steinberg)
Dan Clucas (tpt) and Tom Djll (pno)

[ mon sep 29 2014 ]
Birgit Ulher (tpt) and friends.
including Kyle Bruckmann, Jacob Felix Heule, Tony Dryer and Tom Nunn
In collaboration with the Goethe-Institut San Francisco.

[ mon sep 8 2014 ]
Piero Bittolo Bon (alto sax) and Marta Raviglia (voice), visiting from Italy
with local Italian-Americans Gino Robair (perc, elec) and Lisa Mezzacappa (cb)

[ sep 2014 ]
(Exact date yet to be determined.)
Birgit Ulher (tpt) and friends.
With sponsorship from Goethe Institut

[ wed jul 23, 2014 ]
Andrea Centazzo (perc), John Raskin (sax)
and friends

[ fri may 30, 2014 ]
Alison Blunt (vln) and Gianni Mimmo (sax)
with Scott Looney (pno), Tim Perkis (elec), Lisa Mezzacappa (cb)

[ tue may 6, 2014 ]
Thollem (pno) and Jon Raskin (sax)

[ wed apr 16, 2014 ]
Jon Raskin and John Hanes (jaw harp duo, doubling on analog synths)
Scott Walton (pno) and Tim Perkis (elec)

[ tue mar 25, 2014 ]
Tatsuya Nakatani (gongs) and Phillip Greenlief (sax)
Pictures by Michael Zelner

[ thu mar 6, 2014 ]
Gilbert Isbin (lute) and Scott Walton (cb)
Sten Sandell (pno), Gino Robair (perc) and Scott Walton (cb)

[ wed feb 19, 2014 ]
Natural Artefacts (Sweden):
Per-Anders Nilsson (laptop)
Susanna Lindeborg (piano)
Ove Johansson (saxophone)
with special guest
Gino Robair (surfaces of evolution)

[ thu jan 30, 2014 ]
ruidobello (Jorge Bachmann, analog elec)
Alessandro Cortini (elec) and friends (yet to be announced)
Senza/Aria on Cortini's album Forse 3 was recorded at this show

[ wed jan 29, 2014 ]
Doug Lynner
The Amen Seat (Maryclare Brzytwa, Wobbly)

[ tue jan 28, 2014 ]
Jack Wright (sax)
Ben Wright (cb)
George Cremaschi (cb)
with Grosse Abfahrt
(Tom Djll (tpt), Tim Perkis (elec), matt ingalls (cl))

[ mon nov 4, 2013 ]
Andrew Raffo Dewar quartet
(with Kyle Bruckmann, John Shiurba, Gino Robair)
premier of a new composition
"Ekphrasis Suite" by Andrew Raffo Dewar's Interactions Quartet
has been made possible with support from
Chamber Music America’s 2012 New Jazz Works:
Commissioning and Ensemble Development program
funded through the generosity of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.

[ thu oct 24, 2013 ]
Anton Hatwich (cb, from Chicago)
with Aram Shelton (sax), Chris Brown (pno) and Darren Johnston (tpt)

[ wed oct 9, 2013 ]
Anne Pajunen (voc, viola) from Sweden
Julia Mazawa (electronics)
Tom Djll & Gino Robair, electro-acoustic

[ tue sep 17, 2013 ]
Larry Ochs (sax) and Donald Robinson (perc)

[ tue aug 27, 2013 ]
Frank Gratkowski (sax, cl), Scott Looney (pno), Tim Perkis (elec), Gino Robair (perc)
Pictures by Michael Zelner

[ tue jun 11, 2013 ]
Josh Allen (t sax) and Gino Robair (perc)
Steve Adams (winds, elec) and Scott Walton (cb)

[ tue may 28, 2013 ]
T D Skatchit:
with special guests:
Bruce Ackley
Gino Robair
Aurora Josephson
CD release party for Ear of the Storm (Edgetone Records)

[ sat apr 20, 2013 ]
Thea Farhadian, solo violin and interactive electronics
Doug Lynner, Mystery Serge
(Koinonia Music Festival concert)

[ tue mar 26, 2013 ]
Dave Hatt (pno)
An evening of contemporary piano works
Gino Robair's 17 of the World's Most Cherished Tone Rows
(for prepared piano, world premier)
The first movement of Elliott Carter's Piano Sonata
The third movement of Charles Ives's First Piano Sonata
Homer Keller's Piano Sonata
and a new Hatt composition/improvisation with Gino Robair.

[ wed feb 20, 2013 ]
No Show tonight: postponed until March 26.
Dave Hatt (pno)

[ wed feb 13, 2013 ]
Lockwood / Ackley / Gualtieri: Trios for Improvisers
Mike Lockwood, percussion
Bruce Ackley, saxes and clarinet
Max Gualtieri, guitar
Stupid Man Suit
Mike Lockwood, percussion
Max Gualtieri, guitar
Matty Harris, baritone sax
Ryan Parish, baritone sax
Jake Rosenzweig, bass

[ tue jan 22, 2013 ]
duo pantomorf and friends
Palle Dahlstedt (elec) and Per Anders Nilsson (elec)
in various combinations, company style, with
Gino Robair (perc, elec)
Tim Perkis (elec)
Lisa Mezzacappa (cb)
Kjell Nordeson (perc)
Kyle Bruckmann (ob)
Dana Jesson (bn)
George Cremaschi (cb)
Photos by Michael Zelner
Video, also by Michael Zelner

[ thu dec 13, 2012 ]
Christmas in Darmstadt
Classic multi-channel fixed media works
presented in futuristic Quadraphonic sound
also featuring
Joe Lasqo, piano and electronics (live)

[ tue nov 13, 2012 ]
CBD trio
(Chris Brown (pno), Biggi Vinkeloe (sax), Donald Robinson (perc))
black thread (elec)
Jeff Surak (sound art)

[ tue oct 23, 2012 ]
Tatsuya Nakatani (perc)
in company with
Gino Robair (perc)
Tom Djll (tpt)
and special guests

[ tue oct 2, 2012 ]
(Kyle Bruckman (oboe), Lance Grabmiller (elec), Phillip Greenlief (sax))
Andrew Weathers (solo guitar)
Pictures by Michael Zelner

[ tue sep 18, 2012 ]
Anne Pajunen (solo voice, viola, etc.)
Special Guest from Berlin (piano)
John Shiurba (guitar) and Gino Robair (percutronics)

[ sat aug 25, 2012 ]
The 11th and 12th Annual Transbay Skronkathon BBQ
at The Berkeley Arts Festival Gallery
2133 University Avenue, Berkeley CA
12:30Black Thread
1:00Lucio K
1:30Henry Kaiser
2:00Respectable Citizen
2:30Joe Lasqo
3:00Ann O'Rourke + Marianne McDonald
3:30Scott Goff+Angela Roberts
4:00sfSound Group
4:30Amar Chaudhary + Maw Shein Win
5:00Cloud Shepherd
6:00Matt Davignon and Crystal Pascucci
6:30Key West
7:00Michael Zelner + Suki O'Kane duo
7:30Scott Looney and Aram Shelton
8:00Tom Djll + Zachary James Watkins
8:30Katt & Ron (Atchley & Heglin)
9:00Phillip Greenlief
9:30Ghost in the House + Kinji Hayashi

[ tue jul 24, 2012 ]
Jill Burton (voice)
with various subgroupings of:
Laurie Amat (voice), Phillip Greenlief (sax),
Scott Walton (contrabass), Gino Robair (beatronix),
and RTD3 (Ron Heglin (trombone, voice), Tom Nunn (percussion), Doug Carroll (cello))

[ thu jun 28, 2012 ]
Josh Berman (cornet) from Chicago
Scott Looney (pno)
Aram Shelton (sax)
Kjell Nordeson (vibes)
and a percussionist to be named later
(added: the percussionist was Gino Robair)

[ wed may 16, 2012 ]
Janis Mercer (piano)
with John Smalley and Laurie Amat (voices)
Works of John Cage for prepared piano and voices:

Waiting, 1952, piano solo
Bacchanale, 1940, prepared piano (Cage's first work for prepared piano)
Composed Improvisation for Snare Drum, 1987-1990
Experiences No. 2, 1948, voice unaccompanied
Sweet Love, part VII of Four Walls, 1944, piano and singing voice
Litany for the Whale, 1980, 2 voices
Pictures by Michael Zelner

[ wed apr 11, 2012 ]
Wolter Wierbos (trombone)
John Shiurba (acoustic guitar)

[ thu mar 29, 2012 ]
Barney Childs Festival
Two nights of his music, featuring many of his students and collaborators
Second night

[ wed mar 28, 2012 ]
Barney Childs Festival
Two nights of his music, featuring many of his students and collaborators
First night
Information about Barney Childs (pdf of CD liner notes)
Pictures by Charles Amirkhanian

[ tue feb 28, 2012 ]
Jozef van Wissem (lute)
Sult (Tony Dryer, Jacob Felix Heule and guests)

[ wed feb 1, 2012 ]
Andrea Centazzo (perc) with Larry Ochs (sax)
Pictures and video by Michael Zelner
Review, in Swedish.

[ tue jan 10, 2012 ]
7:30 PM
2+2, Phillip Greenlief (sax), Jon Raskin (sax) + Tom Djll (tpt), Nate Wooley (tpt)
Libertas: Tom Greisser (sax), Liz Byrne (elec), Wade Driver (perc)

[ tue dec 6, 2011 ]
7:30 PM
Machine Shop:
Karen Stackpole (gongs and other metallophones)
with Die Elektrischen (Drew Webster, electronics)
Pictures By Michael Zelner.

[ thu nov 17, 2011 ]
7:30 PM
(Note: Thursday, not Tuesday!)
A very squeaky saxophone trio
Piotr Michalowski (sopranino sax) from Michigan
Vinnie Golia (sopranino sax, tubax, contrabass flute)
Jon Raskin (sopranino sax)
a solo set (on less squeaky saxophones) by Piotr Michalowski

[ tue nov 15, 2011 ]
Theresa Wong (cello) and Soren Kjaergaard (pno), duo
and as a trio with Torben Ulrich (voc, etc.)

[ tue nov 8, 2011 ]
Terrence McManus (gtr)
Han-earl Park (gtr)
with Gino Robair (elec, perc) and John Shiurba (gtr)
and Matt Ingalls and Tim Perkis

[ thu oct 6, 2011 ]
7:30 PM
(Note: Thursday, not Tuesday!)
Tony Buck (perc), Magda Mayas (pno) and Annette Krebs (gtr)
with Grosse Abfahrt
[Tom Djll (tpt), Matt Ingalls (cl, bcl), Tim Perkis (elec), Gino Robair (elec, perc), John Shiurba (gtr)]
Pictures by Michael Zelner

[ sun sep 25, 2011 ]
7:30 PM
(Note: Sunday, not Tuesday!)
Jason Kahn, analog electronics
James Fei, electronics
ma++ ingalls, clarinet
Tom Djll, trumpet, piano & amplifications
John Hanes and Steve Adams (electronic duo)

[ tue aug 23, 2011 ]
7:45 PM
Two 16mm silent films by David Michalak
Face of a Stranger (1977), live music by Thollem McDonas, piano
Hail Storm (1975), live music by Gino Robair, percussion

[ fri jul 15, 2011 ]
The Matthew Sperry Festival
8:00 PM
Francois Houle solo and duo with Gino Robair
Temescal Arts Center
511 48th St, Oakland
(Not at Tom's Place!)

[ thu jul 14, 2011 ]
The Matthew Sperry Festival
8:00 PM
Orchesperry plays Cardew's Treatise + TrioShift
Luggage Store Gallery
1007 Market Street, San Francisco
(Not at Tom's Place!)
Pictures by Michael Zelner.
Video by Ann O'Rourke.

[ wed jul 13, 2011 ]
The Matthew Sperry Festival
7:00 PM
Dinner Concert
International Noodle Buffet by Susan Dickey
Francois Houle solo

[ tue jul 5, 2011 ]
Gino Robair's I, Norton
4:00 PM
The Episcopal Church of Saint John The Evangelist
1661 15th Street, San Francisco
(Not at Tom's Place!)
Tom Duff  Emperor Norton
Dave Hatt  Organ
Cardew Choir  Angels
Krys Bobrowski  GlissGlass
Polly Moller  Flute
Kyle Bruckman  Oboe/English Horn
Matt Ingalls  Clarinet
Tom Djll  Trumpet
Suki O'Kane  Bass Drum/Bowed Vibes
Matthew Goodheart  Piano
Dana Anderson  Voice
Hannah Willams  Voice

[ sat may 14, 2011 ]
The Tom's Place Second Anniversary Festival
Three Nights of (mostly) Improvised Music
concludes with
Alessandro Cortini (elec)
with Gino Robair (elec, perc) and Phillip Greenlief (sax)

[ wed may 11, 2011 ]
The Tom's Place Second Anniversary Festival
Three Nights of (mostly) Improvised Music
continues with
John Oswald (sax) and Wobbly (Jon Leidecker, live sampling)
with special guest Greg Goodman (piano)

[ tue may 10, 2011 ]
The Tom's Place Second Anniversary Festival
Three Nights of (mostly) Improvised Music
kicks off with
Tim Perkis, John Bischoff, James Fei trio
John Shiurba 5x5, featuring
Monica Scott
ma++ ingalls
Gino Robair
Cory Wright
Pictures by Michael Zelner

[ fri apr 8 - tue apr 12, 2011 ]
Alvin Lucier's
Music on a Long Thin Wire
live on sfSoundRadio
for five days, continuous
using a wire strung across the Tom's Place back yard
Pictures here

[ mon apr 4, 2011 ]
Josh Allen, solo sax
Matthew Goodheart, solo Piano and/or constructions
Theresa Wong, cello with Kjell Nordeson, percussion
Review, in Swedish! (Auto-translation)

[ tue mar 8, 2011 ]
John Butcher, sax
T. D. Skatchit
(Tom Nunn & David Michalak, skatchboxes)
Chris Brown, electronics
Thollem McDonas, piano

[ tue mar 1, 2011 ]
(Brenda Hutchinson, long tube
Krys Bobrowski, kelp and other horns
Karen Stackpole, gongs and percussion
Erin Espeland, cello)
Christian Wolff, piano

[ tue feb 8, 2011 ]
Fred Frith, Phillip Greenlief, Gino Robair

[ tue dec 7, 2010 ]
Tim Perkis, Tom Djll, Scott Walton, Matt Ingalls
Cheryl Leonard
Pictures by Michael Zelner

[ tue nov 16, 2010 ]

Phillip Greenlief (sax) solo
Jack Wright (sax)
with Gino Robair (perc, voltage made audible)
and John Shiurba (gtr)
special guest
Per Anders Nilsson (elec)

[ mon oct 18, 2010 ]

Eugene Chadbourne (gtr, banjo, ??)
Bruce Ackley (sax)
Pictures by Michael Zelner.
Video by Michael Zelner: Mole In The Ground

[ sat aug 28, 2010 ]

The 10th Annual Transbay Skronkathon BBQ
at 21 Grand
An all-day celebration of creative music and grilled delicacies
1:00 PM - 9:30 PM
416 25th Street
Oakland, CA
near 19th Street BART

Pictures by Michael Zelner.
Video by Matt Davignon of Matt Ingalls, Thomas Dimuzio and Tom Scandura
Video by Matt Davignon of Eric Glick Rieman and Matt Davignon

1:00-1:25 Amigo (Tim Flynn, solo gtr/perc/elec)
1:25-1:50 Ann O'Rourke and special guests
Ann O'Rourke (perc)
special guests
1:50-2:15 Ed Christensen (solo elec)
2:15-2:40 Key West
Brian Pedersen-sax
Jason Ricci-drums,
Dave Dupuis- stand-up bass,
mark Blatnick-cello,
Sung Kim-gigantar
2:40-3:05 Michael Guarino (solo prepared gtr, perc)
3:05-3:30 Rachel Wood-Rome (solo horn, voc)
3:30-3:55 Respectable Citizen
Michael Zbyszynski (winds)
Bruce Bennett (kbd)
3:55-4:20 T.F.F.W.'z
yacob (tbn, voc, bcl)
misha (alto sax, cl)
eden (perc)
4:20-4:45 Matt Davignon (drum machine)/Eric Glick Rieman (prepared elec pno)
4:45-5:10 blipvert
Will Northlich-Redmond (solo elec)
5:10-5:35 Blowout Preventer
Phillip Greenlief (cl)
Dan Plonsey (cl)
Ceylan Yagmur (cl)
Michael Zelner (cl)
5:35-6:00 Katt & Ron
Kattt Atchley (voc)
Ron Heglin (tbn, voc?)
6:00-6:25 Iron Triangle
Bob Marsh - classical guitar
C. J. Borosque - pedals and turntable
Sandra Yolles - electronic percussion
6:25-6:50 Amar Chaudhary (elec) & Polly Moller (fl, voc)
6:50-7:15 RTD3
Doug Carroll (vc)
Tom Nunn (perc)
Ron Heglin (tbn, voc)
7:15-7:40 Tom Scandura (perc)/Matt Ingalls (cl)/Tom Dumuzio (midi gtr)
7:40-8:05 Phillip Greenlief (tenor sax)/David Boyce (tenor sax)
8:05-8:30 G/J
Gino Robair (voltage made painful)
John Shiurba (gtr)
8:30-8:55 Wormses
Jacob Felix Heule (perc)
Tony Dryer (cb)
Bobby Adams (elec)
8:55-9:20 Ghost in the House
Karen Stackpole (gongs)
David Michalak (lap steel gtr)
Tom Nunn (perc)
Andrew Voigt (winds)

Photos by Tom Djll.

[ tue aug 24, 2010 ]

Gimlet Eye
Julia Miller (gtr),
Julian Berke (syn),
Nick Alvarez (perc))
with Frank Abbinanti (tbn)

Hedge Fund Junkies (F. Abbinanti)
Volo Solo (C. Cardew)
Piano solos (F. Abbinanti)
Ghostrunner (synth/keys & perc duo, organized pieces)
Gimlet Eye trio (synth, gtr, drums, free improv)

[ tue jul 13, 2010 ]

EKG — Ernst Karel (tpt+elec) and Kyle Bruckmann (ob+elec)
Chris Brown (pno+elec)

[ tue jun 15, 2010 ]

Gratkowski/Brown/Winant trio
Frank Gratkowski (reeds), Chris Brown (piano, electronics), William Winant (percussion)
Pictures by Michael Zelner

[ sat jun 5, 2009 ]

The Matthew Sperry Festival
8:00 PM
at 21 Grand
416 25th St. (at Broadway), Oakland, CA 94612
(not at Tom's Place!)
SfSoundGroup plays music of
Matthew Sperry
Anthony Braxton
Cornelius Cardew
James Tenney

[ thu jun 3, 2010 ]

The Matthew Sperry Festival
8:00 PM
at The Luggage Store Gallery
1007 Market St. @ 6th Street SF
(not at Tom's Place!)

TrioShift — continuous tag-team trios, featuring
myles boisen, matt davignon, tom duff,
tom djll, phil gelb, ron heglin,
jacob felix heule, ma++ ingalls, travis johns,
aurora josephson, bob marsh, lisa mezzacappa,
david michalak, polly moller, kjell nordeson,
tom nunn, dan plonsey, jon raskin,
gino robair, tom scandura, damon smith,
moe! staiano, agnes szelag, and very many more
Pictures by Jon Raskin.
pictures by Michael Zelner
Recordings, also by Michael Zelner

[ tue may 4, 2010, 7:30 pm ]

Karen Stackpole (gongs), Tom Djll (tpt), Ron Heglin (tbn)

[ tue apr 6, 2010, 7:30 pm ]

Doctor Bob: Bob Marsh (voc, etc.) + David Michalak (lap steel)
John Gruntfest (sax) + Greg Goodman (pno)

[ wed mar 17, 2010, 7:30 pm ]

duo pantoMorf (2 x elec)
and friends, featuring
Tim Perkis (elec), Thea Farhadian (vln) and Kyle Bruckmann (oboe)
pictures by Michael Zelner

[ tue mar 2, 2010, 7:30 pm ]

Thollem (pno)
Bruce Ackley (sax) and Henry Kaiser (gtr)

[ tue feb 16, 2010, 7:30 pm ]

Birgit Ulher (tpt)
Solo, and with Tim Perkis (elec),
Damon Smith (cb),
John Shiurba (guit)
and Gino Robair (perc)
Pictures by Michael Zelner

[ tue jan 12, 2010, 7:30 pm ]
Magda Mayas (piano innards) and Tony Buck (perc)
Christopher Williams (cb)
and all three in trio

[ tue dec 8, 2009, 7:30 pm ]

Sarah Cahill - solo piano (including works by Cowell)
Scott Looney - solo piano
Killick - H'arpeggione (with Gino Robair, percussion) Video clips by Cypod

[ tue nov 10, 2009, 7:30 pm ]
Hans Koch, sound artist
Michael Evans (perc), solo

[ mon nov 9, 2009, 7:30 pm ]
NOTE: Monday, not Tuesday!
Hans Koch (bcl)
Michael Evans (perc)
Ryan Jewell (perc)

[ tue oct 13, 2009, 7:30 pm ]
John Butcher (sax) with John Shiurba (gtr) and Gino Robair (perc)
pictures by Michael Zelner

[ tue oct 6, 2009, 7:30 pm ]
Aram Shelton (sax) and Trevor Healy (12-string guitar, sine waves, electronics)
Jacob Zimmerman (alto sax) and Michael Carreira (perc)

[ tue sep 1, 2009, 7:30 pm ]
Paul Hoskin (cbcl) & ma++ ingalls (cl, bcl) duet
The New Black [Jeremy Drake (gtr), David Rothbaum (elec), Gino Robair (perc), John Shiurba (gtr)]

[ jul 11 2009, 1:00 pm, 21 grand ]
9th Annual Skronkathon BBQ
vibrating garbage
Aaron Leese
Respectable Citizen
George Ludwig
T D Skatchit
mystery player
sndrft eeeooo & Mike Jacobs
Hanuman Zhang
RTD3 + David Michalak
Reconnaissance Fly
sfSound Group
Baker Heglin Stackpole Djll

[ jul 7 2009, 7:30 pm, tom's place ]
Terrence McManus (gtr)
Polly Moller (fl, voc) & Amar Chaudary (elec)
RTD3 [Tom Nunn (perc), Doug Carroll (cello), Ron Heglin (tbn)]

[ jun 5 2009, 8:00 pm, hillside club ]
2009 Matthew Sperry Memorial Festival
featuring Gail Brand (tbn)
Gail Brand (tbn), Gino Robair (perc), Tom Djll (tpt), Tim Perkis (elec) & John Shiurba (gtr)
Gail Brand (tbn) & Morgan Guberman (voc)

[ jun 4 2009, 8:00 pm, luggage store gallery ]
2009 Matthew Sperry Memorial Festival
Treasure Mouth Karaoke Band
OrcheSperry Large Ensemble, conducted by Gino Robair
pictures by Michael Zelner

[ jun 2 2009, 1:00 pm, studio 1510 ]
2009 Matthew Sperry Memorial Festival
Lesli Dalaba (tpt)
in trio with Fred Frith (gtr) and Jason Hoopes (perc)
in duo with Gail Brand (tbn)
and with Gino Robair (perc) in a quartet
pictures by Michael Zelner

[ may 5 2009, 8:30 pm, tom's place ]
5x5 on 5/5
John Shiurba's 5x5 [John Shiurba (gtr), Ava Mendoza (gtr), Gino Robair (perc), Dan Plonsey (sax), Devin Hoff (cb)]
ma++ ingalls (cl, bcl)
Kyle Bruckmann (ob, eng h)
pictures by Michael Zelner

[ apr 7 2009, 8:30 pm, temescal arts center ]
Liz Allbee (tpt, voc) & Ava Mendoza (gtr, voc)
Dan Plonsey (sax, kbd)
Henry Kuntz (sax, etc) pictures by Michael Zelner

[ mar 3 2009, 8:30 pm, temescal arts center ]
Phil Gelb (shak), Ma Jie, Tim Perkis (elec)
Cylinder [Lisa Mezzacappa (cb), Kjell Nordeson, Darren Johnston, Aram Shelton]
The Amen Seat [Maryclaire Brzytwa (elec, voc), Wobbly (elec)]
pictures by Michael Zelner

[ feb 10 2009, 8:30 pm, temescal arts center ]
An evening of duets with
Jennifer Wilsey (gongs) & Karen Stackpole (gongs)
Kinda Green [Tom Djll (tpt, elec) & Tim Perkis (elec)]
James Fei (sax) & Chris Brown (elec)

[ jan 6 2009, 8:30 pm, temescal arts center ]
Jon Raskin (sax) & Kanoko Nishi (koto)
Schnüffler [Liz Allbee (tpt, elec) & Gino Robair (elec)]
Noah Phillips, Jason Hoopes & Andy Srain
Kanoko Nishi (styrofoam) & Gino Robair (styrofoam)

[ dec 9 2008, 8:30 pm, temescal arts center ]
Ava Mendoza (gtr) & Jacob Felix Heule (perc)
Lucio Menegon (gtr), Morgan Guberman (elec b) & Pat Spurgeon (perc)

[ oct 7 2008, 8:30 pm, temescal arts center ]
Moe! Staiano (perc)
Bubble & Squeak [Gino Robair (perc), Scott Rosenberg (sax), John Shiurba (gtr)]

(Image of Dan Plonsey in costume by Michael Zelner, original here.)